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Martingale system

What is the Martingale system?

This is one of the easiest and most popular roulette systems that is really easy to understand. It consists of doubling the bet after each lost game.

How does it work?

Start by betting 1 chip with one to one win, for example red/black, odd/even, low/high number and you will continue betting on this selected field. If you do not win, simply double your bet and place 2 chips on the field. If you lose again, you bet 4 chips and so on. If you win, you will get all the chips you bet plus 1 chip extra. This means that you won 1 chip. If the ball lands on zero, which does not happen that often, you play as if it was the opposite color. Theoretically, these small wins could add up to a large win. This theory is valid only if you follow the rules exactly.

Example of a Game:

Bet Bet on color Game result Bets in total Wins in total
1€ red black 1€ 0€
2€ red black 3€ 0€
4€ red black 7€ 0€
8€ red red 15€ 16€

Tips from us

  • Do not start with a high bet. If you are patient, start with 1 Euro. This will lower your losses in case of an unlucky streak.
  • After you win, we recommend starting from the start and repeat the same process after each win.
  • Wait until there are for example 3 reds in a row and then start betting on black. This can only be used for roulette that offers free spin. (Free spin in roulette is something completely different from freespins in slot machines. You spin the roulette without betting anything. In this spin, you do not win or lose anything.) Free spins in a roulette can be used in very online casino listed on this page.
  • Watch out for roulette limits. Choose a game version with a higher maximum bet in order to be able to increase your bet in case of an unlucky streak.

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