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Shattered Martingale

What is the Shattered Martingale system?

Shattered Martingale is a mutation of the classic Martingale. It represents a defense against long streak of colors. The maximum loss in this system is 31 chips! Some sources state that is necessary to proceed in accordance with a table prepared in advance (presumably due to the laws of probability) but that is not true.

How does it work?

This system is based on betting on a maximum of 5 spins in ten series. This means that if you did not win even after the fifth spin, you do not double the next spin but start again from 1 chip. In this way you will avoid the negative impact of a long streak of losses and you will sacrifice a maximum of 31 chips. Some source say that you should not bet on a single color but follow a table prepared in advance. The truth is that this does not have impact on this system.

Tips from us

The Shattered Martingale may seem a little monotonous after a longer play. If you grow bored with it after some time, try a different, more aggressive roulette system for a change.

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