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System 64

What is the system 64?

System 64 is a system that gives the player a 64% chance of beating the roulette during each spin.

How does it work?

In system 64 you bet on two of three dozens. This covers 24 out of 37 numbers, i.e. 64 %. At the game beginning, you bet two chips on two of the three dozens, one each. If you win, you get + 1 chip. If you lose, you increase the bet on the same dozens as follows: 1, 3, 9, 27... (i.e., multiples of three).

Example of a Game:

Bet Bet columns Game result Bets in total Wins in total
2 x 1€ 1st and 2nd column 3rd column 2€ 0€
2 x 3€ 1st and 2nd column 3rd column 8€ 0€
2 x 9€ 1st and 2nd column 2nd column 26€ 27€

Tips from us

This system can be very profitable but you need to know when to leave the game. Even though it may happen that a column/dozen is repeated multiple times, there is only a 1.5% chance that it will happen four times in a row.

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