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The most popular gambling strategies

What are gambling systems and how to use them?

Gambling systems and strategies have been a part of gambling since the very beginning. Players started searching for weak points in individual games, believing that there must be a way to beat the casino. And it didn't matter whether the game itself was a slot machine, card game, or the popular roulette.

Strategies for slot machines

Many players believe that they can win at slot machines if they choose the right slot machine in the casino, or play at the right time. The first question many players ask when entering the casino is: "How's it going? Where did you play and which slot machine paid the most today? And which machine didn't have a single win yet?" These players then usually play at the so-called hot slot machines (those which gave the most winnings) or cold ones. Cold machines are those where players have played but not won anything in the past hours. Meaning that nobody won at that slot machine recently. Some players prefer slot machines located right at the entrance to the casino, while others like to play at machines located in the back. Regardless of the preferences, this type of behavior can also be considered a form of gambling strategy, even though it cannot be expressed in mathematical terms. It's purely subjective behavior based on the player's feelings and preferences.

Counting cards in blackjack

But there also exist games where you can truly reduce the house edge to a minimum, or even move it to the side of the player. Blackjack is a well-known example of such a game. You must have heard about or watched movies featuring blackjack players who counted cards (often expressed in movies by showing math formulas and flying cards) in an attempt to control the game and leave the casino with a big bag of money. But if you think you can't do that, well, we have some bad news for you. Or perhaps rather good news? Counting cards at blackjack is much simpler than one might expect. And that's in fact one of the reasons blackjack is such a popular card game in casinos all over the world, and today also online. There are various methods, some being simpler than others. But even using the simplest method leads to a loss of the house edge.

Roulette systems

Today, the by far most dominant game as far as quantity and variety of gambling systems are concerned is roulette. Its advantage lies in the number and variety of bets that the game allows players to make. For roulette systems , the most advantageous bets are those made on color or even/odd numbers, where the probability to win is close to 50%. But there also exist systems which utilize a whole range of distinct bets. Perhaps the first system to come to mind is the well-known Martingale system, where you increase your bet (to twice the previous one) until you win. Many roulette players (and especially beginners) really enjoy this system. Even though its principle sounds good at first, it is only guaranteed to work if you have an infinite amount of money and the roulette does not have a maximum bet. But what's truly exceptional about roulette is that there exists a huge range of systems and strategies that you can use. Each player can find whatever they like. So let's have a closer look at what this game has to offer.

What about other popular roulette systems?

One of the truly popular ones is the Labouchere system. It's sometimes also called the cancellation system, since it is based on a numerical sequence; during the course of a game, you will either be adding a number to its end, or be crossing out the first and last number. The advantage of this system is that you only need a 33% success rate to avoid going into the negatives, making it arguably the best roulette system. One of its greatest fans was in fact Ian Fleming, the famous writer and creator of James Bond. He was an enthusiastic roulette player who often visited casinos, and when playing he always used this system.

Another system is the so-called reverse Labouchere system. It was introduced in 1966 by Norman Leigh, who used a team of 12 players to beat the bank at one of the casinos in Nice, France. Norman was subsequently banned from all casinos in France. It's quite unfortunate that you couldn't play online back then. Otherwise he'd surely continue using this system and keep playing.

A large group of players prefer using defensive systems. They don't want to quickly win a lot of money, but rather to keep playing as long as possible with their current budget. These players don't view roulette as a possible source of income but rather as an excellent form of entertainment. The d’Alembert system is a great example of such a system.

Other types of roulette systems

The famous roulette player Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo spent a lot of time analyzing individual roulette wheels in brick-and-mortar casinos. He simply sat at the casino and wrote down the results of a long sequence of games. When analyzing the numbers, he found out that each roulette wheel behaves differently - on some wheels, certain numbers were simply more frequent than others. He succeeded at transforming the 5% house edge into a 15% advantage for himself, and he kept winning in casinos all over Spain and later also in Las Vegas.

Yet another frequently discussed system is based on the theory of chaos. Its successful implementation in the world of gambling was even the topic of a Forbes article. We'll introduce and discuss this theory next time.

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